Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Seminar Series: Yvan Rose


Our next seminar is March 26. Yvan Rose will talk on: 

Categories in Phonological Development: A Case Study

Where: SN 3060
Time: 3:15pm
All are welcome!


Vihman & Croft (2007) propose a (radical) templatic approach to phonological development, whereby children build prosodic templates from phonetic evidence available in their target languages. At the centre of this proposal is an outright rejection of phonological features as independent categories in phonological representations. Building on earlier work by Levelt & van Oostendorp (2007), I argue for the need for features in phonological development. I investigate the parallel development of consonants and consonant clusters in data from one child, Dutch-learning Catootje (from the CLPF corpus, available through CHILDES/PhonBank). We observe the emergence of categorical behaviours, all of which can be captured appropriately in a theory that accepts the notion of phonological features. I take these observations as compelling evidence against Vihman & Croft's featureless approach to phonological representations.

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