Friday, July 16, 2010

Undergraduate Linguistics Students Make the Dean's List

Congratulations to our numerous undergraduates whose work this past year placed them on the Dean's List. Fantastic job everyone!

Those who are double majors are identified by ( ).

Amelie Aikman (German)
Kelly Burkinshaw
Samantha Cooper
Kirsten Haynes
Bridget Henley
Alyson King
Rosanna Pierson (History)
Alethea Power
Suzanne Power
Heidi Rice
Whitney Sharpe
Brandi Travers (Russian)
Karen Tucker (German)
Kathryn Walsh
Teresa Wood (Anthropology)

Dr. Carrie Dyck is a Research Star

Be sure to check out Memorial's 2010 highly innovative and entertaining research report as it highlights Dr. Dyck's project on maintaining the Cayuga language (the language of the Iroquoian First Nations).

Dr. Ray Gosine, Memorial's vice-president (research) pro tempore, describes the report this way.

“In keeping with the innovative and risk-taking nature of research, we provided a generous dash of creativity in our approach to our research report,” Dr. Gosine said. “Our research efforts are stories, very good stories, and it made sense to reach to movies – the major story-telling vehicles of our time – to capture people’s attention. Our goal is to engage and inform the reader by producing a readable report, not a ‘run of the mill’ document that might get ignored. We believe Memorial’s research stories are too important not to tell with fanfare.”
Congratulations, Dr. Dyck!