Tuesday, October 18, 2011

POSTPONED: Yvan Rose To Give Upcoming Seminar Series talk

New Date TBA

Join us on December 1st in SN 2098 at 3:30 when Yvan Rose will speak on:

Categorical Development in Child Language: Some Preliminary Results


Vihman & Croft (2007) propose a (radical) templatic approach to phonological development, whereby children build prosodic templates from phonetic evidence available in their target languages. At the centre of this proposal is an outright rejection of features as independent categories in phonological representations. Building on earlier work by Levelt & van Oostendorp (2007), I reject this (radical) claim, and argue for the need for features in phonological development. Building on an early research project on the parallel development of consonants and consonant clusters, I present data from child Catootje (from the CLPF Dutch acquisition corpus). Categorical behaviours are noted, all of which suggest a central role for features in segmental development.

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