Thursday, August 19, 2010

MUSL students and faculty to present at NWAV 39

Congratulations to all MUN sociolinguists who will be presenting their latest research at the 39th annual NWAV (New Ways of Analyzing Variation) in San Antonia in November. See the Memorial University Sociolinguistics Laboratory website for more details including links to the abstracts of each talk. The NWAV 39 website can be found here.
  • Paul De Decker and Jennifer Nycz, "For the record: Which digital media are good enough for sociophonetic analysis?"
  • Matt Hunt Gardner, "The in-crowd and the oatcasts: Diphthongs and identity in a Cape Breton high school"
  • Lindsay Harding, "Relatively Standard: Identity and relative clause marking in a community undergoing rapid social change"
  • Sarah Knee and Gerard Van Herk, "Stop and go (away): Linguistic consequences of non-local aspirations among small-town Newfoundland youth"
  • Jennifer Thorburn, "Don’t stop now: Interdental fricatives in Labrador Inuit English"

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